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October 23, 2021
Worker's Compensation
Posted On: Sep 08, 2008



If you are injured at work what should you do?


1.   Notify your supervisor immediately.  Failure to do so could result in a contested claim or a reduced compensation award.


2.   Ask your supervisor for an accident report to be filled out.  (This is a requirement of the Employer - make sure it gets done.)  Ask for a copy.


3.   Obtain necessary medical treatment.  Your Employer will sometimes select the Doctor you see for the initial visit but after that you may choose your own Doctor.  If your Employer has an approved PPO (Preferred Provider Option) you must go to a Doctor on the PPO plans.  If you do not choose a Doctor from the PPO list, you risk losing your benefits.


4.   File a 30-C Form.  This is not an accident report.  It is an official form that must be mailed by certified mail to the Worker's Compensation Office for the Town in which the injury occurred and to your Employer within one year from diagnosis.




·       Save copies of everything, especially out-of-work and light duty slips.


·       Keep an orderly file of medical reports, official notices and correspondence.


·        Put everything in writing or if you make phone calls, keep a record of the date, the name of the person to whom you spoke and what was said.


·        If you have problems with your Employer, get advice.  Call the Union Hall at 203-753-3121 or 1-800-634-9384 or Worker's Compensation at 860-493-1500 or at their website

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